What Really Makes His Heart Race? Tips to Earn His Love

You want to make his heart race with love every time he’s near you right? Your mother might suggest cooking him his favorite meal but love is not through his stomach. Your friend might suggest seducing him and driving him crazily in love through his zipper but love’s not there, just a gal to call for a good time. Another friend may suggest letting him know how much you need him by having him help you with a bill or car repair but love is not through his wallet and he’ll see you only as needy and toss you monetary tokens here and there but love won’t be one of them.

Cooking, nor neediness nor zipper magic will earn his love; but the following tips will:

Ladylike Confidence

Be confident in whom you are but not boisterous. You do not want to place yourself in competition with him but you also do not want to appear frail and helpless. Men want good looking, exciting, and feminine woman. Be fun, be real and be a lady.

Positive Aura

Want to light up the room when you walk in and throttle his heart beat up a notch? It is as easy as biting your tongue. Never engage in a negative conversation and ad positive verbiage to all others. He will see you walk into a room and lighting it with your positive aura.

Up Play Good Assets

Everyone has both good assets and some that are not so good. Don’t air a low self esteem by paying note to your shortcomings but do accentuate your good assets. Do you have a pretty smile? Smile and let it be seen. Nice eyes? Wear clothing or eye shadow that becomes your eye color.

To Be His Friend

To be his friend or not to be is the question. The answer is no! You don’t want to appeal to him as a friend but rather a companion. I’m sure he has friends but friends are for surface mounted emotions and companions are entrusted with all emotions. He needs to have a companion he trusts. Someone he can share with and not fear belittlement.

Go Ahead and Feed Him

Once you have set the perimeters of being a good catch his belly is open for embellishment. Go ahead and let him know how special he is by preparing his favorite culinary feast.

Source by G. Crandall

Phyllis Moloney