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If one has ever owned a car without mufflers or exhaust systems, they would know the value that an exhaust system adds to the product. Mufflers are, as a rule, installed along the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine, and work to reduce the exhaust noise by absorption of noise. Changing the muffler/catalytic converter can do wonders for your car’s exhaust. Mufflers and exhaust parts are critical to enhance the performance of a vehicle.

How Mufflers and Exhaust systems work: The exhaust system is a system of tubing that directs exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine into the atmosphere. The exhaust gases flow from the engine into the exhaust manifold and pass through the tubing into the muffler and out through the end pipe. Depending on the type of the vehicle, the exhaust system is also fitted with turbocharger and catalytic converters. The job of these parts is not just to cut down on the noise levels of a vehicle but also assist in achieving optimum fuel economy and high performance.

The positioning of the parts:The positioning of Mufflers and exhaust parts differ from vehicle to vehicle. In a car, they are aligned lengthwise underneath the car, so that the exhaust can blow at the rear. In larger diesel-powered vehicles, like trucks, they are generally mounted vertically behind the cab or crosswise, to blow sideways. In the case of motorcycles, these mufflers are located beside the engine and rear wheel, blowing backwards. The way these parts are positioned determines the overall look of the vehicle.

Advantages of having vehicles fitted with muffler and exhaust: These are not mere accessories; they can be viewed as an inevitable part of a vehicle. While the turbocharger helps in improving efficiency and performance of the vehicle the catalytic converter controls and removes all harmful and toxic emissions. Other advantages of these parts include the following:They reduce atmospheric pollutionThey lend good looks to the vehicleThey minimize unwanted noise emitted by the vehiclesMeasurable gain in fuel efficiency

What they Mufflers and Exhaust are made of: Mufflers are usually made of stainless steel with compartments lined with glass fiber and the exhaust pipe in made of stainless steel or alumized steel. There are other types of mufflers and exhaust made of materials such as chrome, titanium and so on. The choice of material depends on the nature of the vehicle that is using these systems.

A brand comparison: There are various companies and brands that manufacture these parts; Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Yoshimura, Walker and Borla to name a few. It is important to go for brands that are well established and reliable given the importance of these parts. When a quick comparison is made between the existing brands Magnaflow proves to be a class apart.

In conclusion mufflers and exhaust parts are critical to a vehicle’s performance, good looks and appeal. The more careful one is in choosing these parts the more efficient the vehicle owned would be.

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