Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Policy – Collecting on Claims

The first thing that most people look at when shopping for auto insurance is the amount of the rates that they will have to pay for coverage. This makes sense, it's a very important part of choosing coverage. However, not enough people pay attention to the claims collecting part of it. If you are going to have an auto insurance policy, it does not make sense that you should be easily able to collect on that policy should the time come to make a claim? Believe it or not, many companies make this process difficult, time consuming, and / or confusing.

The first thing you should check when choosing a new car insurance policy is the company's history of denying claims. Some companies offering auto coverage have a history of not paying out to their clients, due to something in the small print that allows them to deny coverage. You do not want to be involved with a car insurance company like this.

You also want to ask what the company's process is to make a claim, before you decide on any one policy. The right auto insurance coverage includes ease in making a claim. Does the company make you jump through hoops and fill out loads of paperwork when making a claim? How long does it take for the specific company that your are considering obtaining a policy with, to review a claim and then issue a check? Are you required to use their body shop for any repairs?

Lastly, you want to make sure that the company you open a new policy with is in good financial standing. You want to know this because you want to make sure that they can afford to make payouts, you should ever require one.

Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson

Phyllis Moloney