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ven the most updated car owner is often seen to have vague knowledge about how muffler exhaust tips affect the performance of a car. This article is a crash course on this specific device and the utility that it extends.

Impact of Muffler Exhaust Tips

Most of the times, Muffler Exhaust Tips do not impact the performance of the vehicle in any way and neither does it exercise influence on the power of the exhaust. It is simply a device which can be fitted to upgrade a vehicle’s look, appeal and attractiveness.

Exhaust tip designs which impact the performance

Over-sized exhaust tips – Vehicles (mostly rear-engine) which have short size exhaust systems often bolt-in an over-sized exhaust tip to bring an impact on the performance. In some cases, it does, but to very negligible limits.

Turn-down Exhaust Tips – these are designed with a bend pointing downwards so that the exhaust gases and sound are channelized in that direction and released in that route. Impact on performance, if any, is very minimal, although many truck owners are seen to use it to deflect noise and hot exhaust gases away from trailers which they tow-behind.

Reasons to install Muffler Exhaust Tips

Muffler tips can be installed for 2 purposes –

  • Truck drivers who need to ward off hot exhaust air from the direction of the tow-behind trailer can install the turn down exhaust tip for deflection purpose.
  • For making a customized appendage to the car exhaust and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Which exhaust tips are the best?

Exhaust tips come in a wide variety of metals like steel, titanium, carbon fiber or chrome. Each has got special advantages –

  • Chrome exhaust tips have the best shine and spark
  • Steel exhaust tips have a gleaming spark in the body and can also be polished for extra shine
  • Both steel and chrome tips are rust proof and weather resistant
  • Titanium tips are the most expensive but they are the most lightweight variety and look incredibly good.
  • Carbon fiber exhaust tips are very steeply priced but the best thing about these is that they never catch stains or tarnish.

Exhaust Tips price

As discussed above, exhaust tips come in a variety of metals and are available at a variety of prices. While buyers looking for a simple upgradation can get one in as less as $10-15, those looking for adding an extra dose of glamour to their vehicles can consider the titanium or carbon fiber tips which come with a premium price tag.


Exhaust tips must be bought with specifications as one size does not fit all and the measurements differ from vehicle to vehicle. Some designs need to be welded into the exhaust and some can be simply bolted on for easy installation.

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