Are You Stuck In "The Cycle of Common Non-Sense?"

Would not it be nice if every time you turned your computer on it operated like it was brand new? Unfortunately, it does not happen that way.

The Problem With Computers Today – They're Not Hassle-Free

Computers are getting more complex every day. Most of us think as new bells and whistles are added that computers are getting easier to run. Unfortunately, that's not so. In fact, computer problems are getting worse.

Computers today are not hassle-free. For most of us hassles, headaches and frustrations from computer problems are commonplace.

Cyber-crime – A Huge Computer Problem Maker

Cyber-crime is booming. According to McNiven, adviser to the US Department of Treasury, "The proceedings from cyber-crime are now greater than the sale of illegal drugs."

Vent Cerf, founder of the Internet says about 150 million PCs Currently connected to the Internet are part of Botnets – networks of PCs under hacker control. Sophos Labs recently announced that one million new forms of spyware were spewed out over the Internet in the first two months of 2008.

How does this relate to your computer problems? The spyware hackers use to steal information or take control causes slow downs and computer problems.

Hackers are smart. They are developing more sophisticated spyware that is hard to detect and even harder to destroy. As a result, the traditional over-the-counter products are generally rendered ineffective. If they were effective we would have the problems we have today?

What are the options? Repairing and maintaining your computer is expensive. Most of us do not have the expertise to maintain, repair and / or protect our PC. Frankly, "do-it-yourself" and having your computer geek cousin fix your computer is not working. We end up wasting valuable time and money trying to keep our computer running.

"Cycle of Common Non-Sense"

Whether we know it or not, the moment we purchase a new computer we enter the "Cycle of Common Non-Sense." See if this sounds familiar to you.

1. First we buy a new computer.

2. After a couple of months we experience slow downs and computer problems begin to pile up.

3. At first we accept the hassles as the norm and learn to live with it.

4. Eventually, though, bigger computer problems develop. We go through infection, lost files, computer failure and sometimes our identity is stolen.

5. So, we try to fix it yourself

6. We ask for help from a friend and family member after our personal efforts failed

7. Frustrated, we get professional help

8. Many times the professional's suggestion is to reformat your computer. We lose valuable files, and pay for expensive service

9. Finally, we give up on the "old" computer that costs too much to repair

10. We decide to buy a new computer – again and the cycle starts over again.

The Solution To The Problem

There is an emerging answer to this computer problem. It's called "Personal Computer Services." Personal computer service is like having a tech in your hip pocket ready to repair your computer the moment it starts acting up.

Personal computer service gets your computer operating like new and maintains it so you get back to having a fun and productive experience. They do it by offering unlimited service from trained technicians, personalized one-on-one care with English speaking techs. The service is quick and easy – just a phone call away with remote connection to your computer over the Internet. There's no hidden per minute or per incident fees meaning you end up with a hassle-free experience.

You have a choice, continue to go through the "Cycle of Common Non-Sense" or look for a personal computer service that takes the hassles out of computing and makes being on the computer fun and productive again.

Source by Warren Franklin

Phyllis Moloney