AC Repair Tips – Before You Call A Technician

AC repair may be the last thing you want to require when the temperatures are soaring. You may not want to do it, but the fastest way to get your system back up and running is to contact a technician to come to your home, investigate the problem and take the steps necessary to fix it. For those who are handy do-it-yourselfers, it may be possible to try a few types of quick fixes to get your system back up and running. Consider what the specific problem is, and what you may be able to do to fix it:

Running But Not Cooling

Sometimes, you may need AC repair because the system is running but the home is not cooling down. The larger problem here could be that the air-cooling system you have is not adequate to control the climate in the home, especially if temperatures are very high. On the other hand, you may have a problem with the thermostat. You may want to replace it to see if you get better control. If that does not work, check your air filters. If they are blocked, even partially, this can force the system to work significantly harder to complete the job of cooling your home.

Other Tips

Are you still struggling to get your system up and running? If so, it may be time to roll up your sleeves and try these methods to get it back on, at least until your technician is available.

– Do the outdoor vent and filter need cleaning? Often, leaves and other debris can limit the amount of airflow coming in or going out.

– You may be out of coolant. If that is the case, you will need a professional to help you to charge your system back up.

– In some cases, especially when the system is not large enough for the demand, you can increase the comfort level by turning the fans on and closing off areas of the home where no one is.

– Make sure you are not losing air to the outdoors. If you have leaky windows or a poorly insulated attic, this is contributing to your heat problems.

– Check the wiring to the system. This is especially true when it comes to the motor and the thermostat, as a small problem can cause faulty function.

At the end of the day, it is often best to call for professional AC repair. You may learn about any problems associated with your system and you will definitely be able to start feeling the cool breeze again after a professional gets in to provide you with some help. You may find that having a regularly scheduled maintenance program can help you to avoid these complications in the long term.

Source by Ace Abbey

Phyllis Moloney